About Us

Who We Are

Recent times have seen the hard times in this Pandemic. The essential medicines were in short supply to needy patients. Medway Healthcare surpassed the challenges globally faced by pharmaceutical companies. We made it our mission to make medical services available to every household at an affordable rate.

Since then, we have come a long way. We at Medway Healthcare have sped up the process of quantity and quality production. We also diversified our products to cater for every need of our customers. Now we supply products ranging from capsules, lozenges, injections, sachets, and syrups. The newest addition to our products is cosmetics; ranging from moisturisers, and sunscreen to the prescribed dermatological creams.

Through our dedicated diligent effort, we have gained the trust of doctors and patients from around the world. We are proud to say we are one of the leading medicine suppliers in Many countries in ASIAN, AFRICA, MENA and LATAM Region.

Almost two-thirds of the world population does not have access to essential medicines. Those who have it available cannot afford it due to its high cost. It is our mission to make healthcare available even in the most difficult and remote areas of the world at an affordable rate.

To help us reach this mission, we had tied up with renowned Manufacturers in India who have WHO-GMP, EU-GMP or PICS and Many Other Country Accreditations. They work their heart out to develop quality products fully backed-up with clinical trials and studies. Because of their hard work and innovation, we have gained the trust of doctors, patients and of healthcare ecosystem around the world.

We believe in flexibility and mouldability. We at Medway Healthcare are always ready to bring changes for the betterment of humanity. As Hippocrates said, "Declare the past, diagnose the present, foretell the future", we always thrive to better ourselves to reach our goal of health equality, accessibility and innovation in science to hope for a better tomorrow.

How are we different?

We hold our firm foot in medical ethics and have a patient-centric approach. We believe in speedy, quality and quantity production of essential medicine at a budget rate. It is our priority to deliver essential medicines and products to everyone despite the limitations. Our Manufacturers have development and research team with precision expertise and impressive experience. Our team includes experts with PhDs, MDs and Master's degrees from all over the world. Their exceptional minds help us gain the trust of biomedical facilities from all over the world.


We seek forward to serving the underprivileged communities through our effort. For a better tomorrow it is imperative to fill the gaps between the urban and rural healthcare facilities. The real progress of our company lies in the vibrant and healthy life of underprivileged communities around the world. It is our mission to widen the access of essential medicines and products to disadvantaged communities.


Our purpose lies in improving lives and providing hope to every person despite their limitations. We hope to bring positive change to society through our efforts. We believe every positive change starts from home. Every employee at Medway Healthcare works toward a common goal and purpose. Their safety and security ensure the same for the community to whom we are dedicated day and night. Medway Healthcare mandates the standard safety equipment for every employee working with us.


We hope to bring a positive impact to every community and country through our competent services, which are always flexible to the changing times and challenges. We believe that demand surges should be met with competency without impairing the quality and affordability. Our belief lies around serving the people and environment. Medway Healthcare promises to deliver high-end quality products that are affordable to everyone and everywhere.